EMUG is Disbanding & has Rescheduled Our Final Meeting/Wake

The leaders of EMUG have decided it’s time to fold our tent and dissolve the organization. Membership has been dropping steadily for several years and the writing was on the wall. Even Zoom meetings were drawing six to eight people — two of which were not members but members of other users groups or vendors. It’s time.
We recommend that members explore the Portland Mac Users Group (PMUG.org) and/or the Corvallis Mac Users Group (CMUG.com).
In addition, please consider OMUG, the Oregon Mac Pioneers User Group (https://omug.usergroupresources.com).
Our final meeting/wake (HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED /POSTPONED!).
We may eventually have a potluck at the home of Dick Lennox. He will have the grill fired up if you wish to cook something.
Contact us at EMUG.contact@gmail.com or me at krbaird50@mac.com for Dick’s address.
Steve Welsh of OMUG was in attendance at the July meeting where dissolution was agreed on. He wrote a farewell eulogy and we really appreciate his thoughts.
Kerry Baird, Contact Coordinator
Eugene Macintosh Users’ Group
541 953-0944

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