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We highly recommend you optimize any images you add to the site. This helps keep the site fast, it saves space, and most of all, provides a better experience for your members.

  • Image Width: Images are optimized for up to 1,500 pixels wide on the site. Any image wider than that is unnecessary.
  • Image Quality: I find that anywhere between 50-80% quality works great for the site. Of course this depends on the image itself.
  • Image Size: I always try for under 100kb, but will go up to 150kb. Anything larger I try to stay away from. To make it smaller, change the size (you can go smaller than 1,500 pixels in most cases without issue) or lower the quality. You’d be surprised how low in quality you can go before you see a significant degradation with some images. The whole goal is to keep the images small which keeps the site fast.
  • How to Optimize: Not sure how to optimize? There is on free online tool that can help!
  • Featured Images:  It is highly recommended that feature images have a wide aspect ratio or be square. The site is optimized for displaying images in landscape mode and portrait images may be cropped by the site automatically.

To add a video, you only need the URL or link to the video. Do not add any iframe or embed code. The site is smart enough to recognize the link is a video just from the URL.

  • How to make sure the video is embedded: If you paste in the URL to the video and it formats as a link, select it and remove the link. All the site needs is the URL itself. If it is a link, it will just open to the video page and not show it within the site.
  • Vimeo example:
  • YouTube example:
If you’d like to create a repeating event, create the event below first. We can only create repeating events from existing events. Once the event is created, fill out our Repeating Event Form and will will create the repeating event for you.
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